Dutchanee Ongarjsiri(Creative Director of ONGA Artful Light Co, Ltd)

Reflecting history, present and future through light art for cities

Dutchanee Ongarjsiri(Creative Director of ONGA Artful Light Co,  Ltd)

  • She is the creative director of ONGA Artful Light Co, Ltd based in Bangkok, Thailand. She has received awards from many international light festivals and an innovation award in Thailand, and has extensive experience in lighting design, light festivals, interactive light installations and decorative lighting in many commercial, residential and community settings.
  • She is a Thai Light Artist and has shown light installation in Vivid Sydney 2017 -2018 and received Environment Innovation Award in Thailand. Currently, she is the co-founder of ONGA Artful Light company, a creative lighting design company to transform the perspective of the cities and add the value of public space with Creative lighting design and renewable energy. She has experienced working with many municipalities in Thailand to design creative lighting in urban development, stimulate the economy and improve the city's tourist attractions.
  • www.onga.co.th
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