1st day (Oct 21)
2nd day (Oct 22) 
Participants’ Log-on & Guides on the Event
14:30-15:00Participants’ Log-on & Guides on the Event
15:00-15:20Case Study 1: Energy Code Compliance in Lighting for NY Buldings
Jean Kim (Assistant Chief Plan Examiner, Office of Sustainability at the Department of Buildings of New York City. USA)
Introduction - LUCI
Mark Burton-Page (General Director of LUCI)
15:20-15:40Case Study 2: Lighting, Life & Culutre
Muhammad Mansha (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Urban Lighting Policies of Seoul  
Munju Lee (Director of Urban Light Policy Division of SMG)
15:40-15:50Case Study 3
Jinju City & Busan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea
16:20-16:50Lecture 1: Exploring City Nightscapes, a global perspective
Mark Burton-Page (General Director of LUCI)
16:00-16:20The light, darkness, and space of cultural heritage (Video Clip)
Sungdae Hong (Professor, Shin Ansan Univ.),Dong-Seok Park (The Chief Director, International Cultural Properties Strategy Center)
16:50-17:30Lecture 2: Copenhagen street lighting change and status
Jens Nelleberg (Lighting Consultant of Copenhagen municipality, Denmark)
16:20-17:20Panel Discussion (Culture of light in Asia)
Moderator: Jeeyoun Park (Principal, Studio Formgiver)
Panelist: 1) Kyung Hwan Van (Design Associate Principal, bitzro & partners)Dutch
2) Dutchanee Ongarjsiri(Creative Lighting Director of ONGA Artful Light. Thailand)
3) Yah Li Toh (CLD, IALD, IES Principal, Light Collab LLP)
17:40-18:20Lecture 3: Introduction to Korea Smart Lighting Association(KoSLA)
Woojin Jang (Honorary Professor, Seoul National University of Science&Technology)
17:30-18:10Lecture 5: Urban Lighting and Post Covid-19
Kangwha Chung (Professor, College of Art & Design, Konkuk University)
18:20-19:00Lecture 4: Is Urban lighting required to contribute Carbon Neutral?
Youngho Baik (Chief Consultant, ECOLANT)
18:10-18:50Lecture 6: Emotionally Durable Lighting Design
Dr. Linnaea Tillett (Founder / Principal, Tillett Lighting Design Associates)
Wrap-up & LUCI Special Corner


The schedule is subject to change. The time is based on Korean time.